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JodyTucker.com (incorporated) is a media agency that loves good people, good companies, good products, good messages, and other good things. JodyTucker.com works for the public good. Helping to improve the quality of life is its passion and obligation. Its public service advertisements and campaigns raise awareness about health, safety, ethics, family values, green initiatives, and other helpful matters. Promoting peace is what JodyTucker.com does.

JodyTucker.com specializes in social media COMMUNICATIONS: marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, commercial art, and branding. It creates and manages CONTENT for a select clientele. Ensuring the audience "gets the message" is what JodyTucker.com does.

JodyTucker.com ignites thinking and shapes attitudes with creative, aspirational, and responsible messages. JodyTucker.com promotes social change, and refines the concept of "bright lights, big city, beautiful people." Supporting metropolitan and cosmopolitan cultures, with a wholesome sense of style, is what JodyTucker.com does. — Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Like. — Connect.

Facebook Management

A Facebook PROFILE is a "personal" account, representing a person: Facebook.com/JodyTuckerDotCom. With a beautiful Facebook PROFILE, a person can go on to create a Facebook PAGE.

A Facebook PAGE is a "business" account, representing a business: Facebook.com/JodyTuckerDotCom2. A Facebook PAGE is a business’s “face and voice” — its marketing, advertising, public relations, and branding platform. JodyTucker.com manages a business’s Facebook PAGE, by creating intelligent and relevant social media CONTENT — graphically and GRAMMATICALLY beautiful content that properly represents the business — content that professionally COMMUNICATES the business’s message. And with a beautiful Facebook PAGE, a business can go on to use Facebook ADVERTISING.

JodyTucker.com creates and disseminates attractive and effective Facebook advertisements — targeting audiences via demographics, geographics, keywords, interests, and other analytics. Targeted advertising propels business — and thereby compliments the return on the investment (ROI).


JodyTucker.com's portfolio is an arrangement of remnants, experiments, drafts, spec ads, WORK, and team-efforts.

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February 23, 2015: Griggs Law Group is an authority on immigration law. When clients hire Griggs Law Group, they get Kerri Griggs, the Managing Attorney, the peoples' "champion" — who was educated at Harvard Law School and Yale University, and who has the personal experience of going through the immigration process herself. As an immigrant and an advocate, Attorney Griggs is committed to helping other immigrants and their families navigate the US immigration system successfully, obtain lawful status, and remain united with the people they love.

Our firm worked with JodyTucker.com during the year of 2015 on ad campaigns that leveraged the power of social media. JodyTucker.com is phenomenal at what it does. It is an expert in understanding how the market works and what companies must do to successfully capture the attention and following of their target audiences.
JodyTucker.com is also adept at listening to the business owner. It obtains a deep understanding of the nature of the business and the messaging it wants to project, and then artfully crafts marketing strategies and campaigns that succinctly and effectively capture its target audiences.
Working with JodyTucker.com was eye-opening, as it not only helped us to achieve my law firm’s goal of reaching our target audience, but it was masterful at offering needed (albeit tactfully delivered) constructive criticism, when our vision of our campaign design was inconsistent with the outcomes we desired. JodyTucker.com educated me about the steps it was undertaking and the suggestions it was making, to show how they aligned with the results we desired. JodyTucker.com even patiently ran multiple campaigns simultaneously to demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy it suggested, when we had hesitations about particular strategies. The results included an almost 100 percent increase in capturing the attention of potential leads. We also walked away feeling well educated on how to most effectively reach our target audiences through social media.
I happily recommend JodyTucker.com to my colleagues, without any reservations.
Kerri-Ann Griggs
Managing Attorney
November 4, 2015
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The birth of a healthy baby is more likely when the mother lives healthy. When a pregnant mother maintains a lifestyle of nutritious eating, careful bodily exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, positive thinking and meditation, routine doctor visits, and other sensible health measures, then she greatly increases her chances of delivering a healthy baby. JodyTucker.com’s "Love The Bump!" campaign resounds awareness and encourages pregnant mothers to embrace prenatal care.

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Jody Tucker (December 31, 1971) is a journalist, minimalist, and social critic — with an objective to reverse planetary destruction, to expose atrocities, and to promote universal peace and health. Jody Tucker is the eccentric visionary and left-handed architect of JodyTucker.com (September 22, 2003) — a marketing, advertising, and public relations agency. Jody Tucker delivers media services and avails himself to contractual assignments. Style, creativity, and humor are Jody Tucker’s trademarks. Most importantly, Jody Tucker is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses (July 7, 2001), who happily and freely reports "the good news."


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